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Efficycle 2014 results have been declared

Congratulations to all the winners

Efficycle 2014 main event successfully conducted at UIET, Chandigarh on 9th-12th October 2014

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SAENIS Efficycle 2014 : Results are OUT !!! Congratulations to all winners

“EFFI-CYCLE” derived from Efficient-Cycle promote the objective of providing oppurtunity to the students to conceive, design and fabricate  a three wheel configuration vehicle powered by human-electric hybrid power and capable of seating two passengers catering to the day to day mobility needs. The vehicle must be aerodynamic, engineered for performance & safety and ergonomically designed. The objective is to promote innovation and generate consciousness amongst the young engineers towards environment friendly mobility solution.


Efficycle event is a unique platform to encourage students to participate in the technical competition. The organizing committee is not involved in any activity such as marketing, fabrication, procurement and consultation of any product or service. Dealing in any such activity by any third party  in the name of Efficycle organizing committee or SAE NIS should be informed to us via email. The official communication regarding efficycle should ONLY be  from  efficycle.teams@gmail.com or efficycle.technical@gmail.com or by the person authorized by the committee. Any other resource shall be considered as fraud and shall be disregarded.

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